Bubble soccer

We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing


Bubble soccer is playing football, whilst encased in an inflated plastic ball which covers the player’s upper-body and head.

It’s really good fun for the players, for the people watching and again, very good exercise!

The sport is becoming increasingly popular, with many people all over the world taking it up.

Minimum number of people required for this activity: 10

Maximum number of people : 20 players 

Everyone is welcome to come and watch of course!

Accessible to all

Bring water, trainers, comfortable clothing, snacks

The indoor field is a 15 mins drive from La Ciotat Shipyard

If you have your own car, we’ll send you the exact meet up location of the activity once you have made your booking


Call us to set a date and time

If this activity is not scheduled yet, we will contact you, once you have made your booking to set a date with you and we'll get enough people to join in to make it happen!

You would rather have a self-drive adventure? Let us know, we can help you organize a rental car!

The activity will last 2 hours

25.00 €

14.00 €

25.00 €

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