Some days are simply made for playing



Spend 2 hours challenging yourself by using all your 5 senses to resolve enigmas!

Your sense of smell to determine different perfumes, your sense of taste to recognise food, your sense of touch all while trying not to freak out in the dark ;-)!

Use your hearing and your eyesight for other challenges!!

It sounds very intriguing, doesn’t it? It’s all part of the game!

Enjoy the teamwork and crack up for more than 2 hours!




Minimum number of people required for this activity: 4

Accessible to all

The activity is a 20 mins drive from Marseille Shipyard and a 40 minutes from La Ciotat Shipyard.

If you have your own car, we’ll send you the exact meet up location of the activity once you have made your booking.

Call us if you want to organise a pick up and drop off .

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The activity will last 2 hours

28.00 €

28.00 €

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