Adventure hike in the Calanque of Sormiou

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time – Steven Wright


Discover the beautiful calanque of Sormiou, it’s white sandy beach, crystal clear water and white cliffs.

Go through a cave ziplining above the water, learn how to abseil and use the rope ascender technic to access breath-taking spots.

Vertical hiking will take you away from the dullness of classic hikes and keep you off the beaten paths.

Hiking, rock climbing, abseiling, zip line and via cordata are involved in this adventure hike.

Via cordata is an horizontal climbing technique in which you are securing yourself to a rope with 2 carabiners attached to your harness which allows you to progress along the cliffs in total safety




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Minimum number of people required for this activity : 4

Maximum number of people: 32

Accessible to all unless you have vertigo ;-) !

This activity requires the use of a harness and ropes, which are supplied.

You’ll be guided by professional guides.

Bring water, sunnies, sun-cream, windbreaker jacket, trainers.

The Calanque of Sormiou is a 45 mins drive from Marseille Shipyard and a one hour drive from La Ciotat Shipyard

If you have your own car, we’ll send you the exact meet up location of the activity once you have made your booking.

If this activity is not scheduled yet, we will contact you once you have made your booking to set a date with you and we will get enough people to join in to make it happen!

If you have signed up for the pickup and drop off:

You’ll be picked up at the boat at 8H30

You’ll be dropped off at the boat at around: 13h30

You would rather have a self-drive adventure? Let us know, we can help you organize a rental car!

The hike is about 4 hours long   

56.00 €

36.00 €

56.00 €

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