Taking time to live will only inspire your work 

About us

10 years ago to the day, I was a Yachtie doing a shipyard season in Spain.


I remember that we were all so happy to finally have “normal” working hours after a full on Med season.

We would actually be able to enjoy some time off and have the time to explore the area, exercise, get fit and healthy, learn about the local cultures, and maybe even learn new skills!


We actually ended up spending most of our time off in bars.


As most Yacht crew in the same situation, we just got caught up… We never really took the time to organize outings and we had a hard time leaving the comfort zone of the crew mess sofa.

Even though bar hopping and clubbing was fun, I really wished that someone had come to the boat and said “Hey, there’s an outing planned this weekend let’s get the crew together and go paddle boarding, go hiking, go mountain biking or see a concert!”


And all we would have had to do is to book to make it happen!


It was probably right then that I started thinking about creating something like Crew Time Off


Inspired by a strong desire to lead a healthy active life and make the most of my free time, I’ve started Crew Time Off to help and inspire other yacht crew to do just that!


Crew Time Off is designed to help Yacht crew to maximise their time off during their shipyard season in La Ciotat and Marseille, by offering healthy, active, outdoor, adventurous activities!

After work, Day out and Weekends.  Sports, cultural and touristic outings with pick up and drop off at the boat!


Come on, Step off, Explore !

Join us !

Be part of the Crew Time Off community and never miss an event !