Frozen Waterfall Climbing

The greater the obstacle the more glory in overcoming it


Discover an exceptional activity where the winter has frozen the time and the waterfalls.

A waterfall is one of nature's many spectacles.

Most of us have stood transfixed by falling water at one time or another -- we pause to listen to a trickling falls as we hike through the woods or marvel over the power of Niagara. But during the winter some waterfalls completely transform. Where they once rushed roaring water, they now stand frozen, white and silent. This oxymoron of a motionless falls is an ice climber's dream.

It's probably hard to imagine that the rushing water of a falls could freeze, but it can.

Climbers are attracted to frozen waterfalls because the surface is always changing. Midday sun, changing temperatures, precipitation and runoff will send new trickles of water down to refreeze in different formations. So, if you "scar" the ice today with your tools, in a week or two the scar will be gone, replaced with a newly frozen bump or ridge.

Whatever level you are, wide variety of path will allowed experts and beginners to enjoy the activity

Minimum number of people required for this activity: 8

Maximum number of people: 16

Accessible to all

You’ll be guided by professional guides.

The price includes:

One night at the hotel, Sat night diner, Sunday Breakfast and lunch, Rental of Shoes, equipment and Insurance, pick up and drop off if you have ticked the box.

Bring water, sunnies, sun-cream, trainers, comfortable winter clothing, snacks.

The Spot is a three hours’ drive from Marseille Shipyard and La Ciotat Shipyard

If you have your own car, we’ll send you the exact meet up location of the activity once you have made your booking

From December to April

If you have signed up for the pickup and drop off:

You’ll be picked up at the boat on Saturday at 13h

You’ll be dropped off at the boat on Sunday at around 20h

If this activity is not scheduled yet, we will contact you once you have made your booking to set a date with you and we'll get enough people to join in to make it happen!

You would rather have a self-drive adventure? Let us know, we can help you organize a rental car!

We can adapt the weekend to your needs, give us a call we’ll do our best to match your plans!

This activity can be done in the same week end as the Ski touring or the day of free ride in la Grave

1 Night and 1 Day

The activity will last 7 hours

239.00 €

120.00 €

239.00 €

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